Tam Merryfoot, Halfling Burglar

Name: Tam Merryfoot
Stock: Halfling
Class: Burglar
Age: 28
Home: Busy Crossroads
Raiment: A dark wool cloak.

Parents: Merryfoot - Merchants
Mentor: Bandobras the Criminal
Friend: May the Cook
Enemy: Erold the Warrior
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaffiliated

Belief: I take what I need to survive.
Instinct: Always look for a place to hide.

Traits: Hidden Depths 1, Quick-Witted 1

Raw Abilities: Will 5, Health 3, Nature 5
Town Abilities: Circles 5, Resources 0
Nature Descriptors: Sneaking, Riddling, Merrymaking

Wises: Just Needs a Little Salt-wise, Berry-wise
Skills: Cook 3, Criminal 4, Fighter 3, Hunter 2, Scout 2, Scavenger 2, Haggler 3

Head: Helmet
Hands: Sling
Torso: Leather, Cloak, Satchel
Belt: Pouch (Thieves’ Tools), Skin (Wine, Full)
Feet: Shoes
Satchel: Tinderbox, Flask of Oil, Rations (preserved)

After the family fell on hard times, Tam and her older brother Bandobras set out to another town looking for work but wound up having to steal to survive. The pair were separated when they were nearly caught stealing from a certain bad-tempered human Warrior, and Tam also had to learn how to survive on her own outdoors.

I love that! Halfling wises are awesome.

I love the place name, Busy Crossroads. That is adorable.