Tanuki Trickster

So I’ve been messing around a bit with trying to create my own Torchbearer classes, and I figured I’d share one of the ones I’ve been working on. I’m working on trying to put together a group of folklore-inspired classes, and this one is the Japanese tanuki. Please do take a look and offer any feedback on possible tweaks you might see. I’d also be curious to see any suggestions for 6-10 level benefits.

Tanuki Trickster
Class: Trickster
Stock: Tanuki
Raw Abilities: Will 5, Health 3.
Skills: Scout 4, Scavenger 3, Manipulator 2, Fighter 2, Criminal 2
Special Skill: Tanuki choose one of the following skills and give it a rating of 3: Peasant, Laborer, Cook, Survivalist
Wises: Choose or create one wise.
Trait: Foolhardy.
Starting weapon: Any except two-handed sword, crossbow, and flail.
Starting armor: Leather and chainmail.
Alignment: Chaos or Unaffiliated only.

Special Nature Rules: Drunking
Drunking: Tanuki are experienced drinkers, and they have hardy constitutions because of it. When having a drinking contest or when trying to resist the effects of alcohols or poisons, a tanuki may roll his Nature in place of Health for the purposes of the test.

Tanuki Nature
Write Nature: Tanuki on your character sheet. Your descriptors are Drunking, Disguising, and Stealing. Tanuki characters have a base Nature of 3. Answer the following questions to determine your final starting Nature score, and possibly some traits.

Tanuki Nature Questions
When offered alcohol, do you drink merrily and heartily, until every drop is gone? Or do you pace yourself to keep your wits about you?
• If you drink until it’s gone, increase Nature by 1.
• If you pace yourself, you may increase or replace your home trait with Thoughtful.

When assuming another identity, do you play the role confidently? Or do you try and keep a low profile to avoid suspicion?
• Option 1, increase Nature by 1 but decrease your starting Scout by 1.
• Option 2, your Nature and Scout ratings remain unchanged.

Do you pocket shiny baubles and trinkets as they strike your fancy, regardless of who they belong to? Or do you respect the rules of ownership and resist your temptations?
• If you take the trinkets, increase Nature by 1.
• If you leave them be, increase or replace your home trait with Generous.

Level Benefits

Level 1
Tanuki can wield any weapon except two-handed swords, crossbows, and flails. They may wear leather and chainmail armor.

Level 2
Unexpected Reveal:
Add +1s to any Feint action (in addition to any weapon or Might bonuses) when the action is made while the tanuki is disguised.
Questionable Parachute: The tanuki adds +1D to Health tests to avoid injury when falling from great heights.

Level 3
Concealed Pocket:
As per the L3 Thief benefit.
Drunk: If the tanuki has had a draught of wine since the last town or camp phase, add +1D to all Will tests and add +1 Ob to all effects that target the tanuki’s Will until the next town or camp phase.

Level 4
The tanuki receives a straw hat that occupies the Head inventory slot. While worn, the hat allows the tanuki to change his or her own shape only as per the Arcane Semblance spell. Use Nature in place of Arcanist for this test. The straw hat replaces the clay as supplies, and if lost the tanuki is unable to change shape until obtaining or recovering a hat.
Oft Overlooked: As per the L4 Halfling benefit.

Level 5
Gain a level 1 tanuki companion. Your companion helps with your native class skills. Add +1D to your roll when your companion is helping. In a conflict, your companion counts as part of your group and can be knocked out of the fight like a member of your group. A companion never acts on his or her own.
Helpful: As per the L5 Halfling benefit.

“Questionable Parachute” … I’ve seen pom poko, and I know exactly what you are referring to.

Good stuff.