Tarot Cards & other MG game accessories

My wife has put together a set of Tarot cards for me to use in my ongoing MG campaign, and I can’t wait to create a fortune telling NPC for the patrol to encounter. These are hand crafted, large sized cards related to the major arcana, complete with mouse related illustrations (not, however, taken from the comics), and already I’m wondering about the possibility of scanning them & creating a PDF.

I’ve also collected some chestnuts to represent Fate points for the players, adding to my assortment of game accessories. My next game session is scheduled for more than three weeks from now, but I suppose I don’t have any excuse not to prepare an exciting mission in the meantime.

These sound great! Would love to see them upon their completion! Props for MG are always welcome in my games.

I’m surprised there’s not custom Mouse Guard dice out there. Tails for 1-3, mouse faces for 4 & 5, and something special for the 6s…

These aren’t custom made for Mouse Guard, but they would be very good.

Wooden star dicel

Sounds great, looking forward to the scans, and now i gotta go get chestnuts for my players!

that is pretty sweet, i’m looking for a nice and easy way to make a gm screen, but i’m not quite sure what info should be on the back, any ideas or suggestion would be nice. i scaned the dust jacket of the book and made it larger and lamineted, for map reference will playing, those are some ideas for the game.