Tasting the Lash/Where there is a Whip...

I have an goblin character in my current game. He is a miserable sniveling treacherous coward. The rest of the players let him come along merely out of hopes to find out what the orcs are planning.

He has - on three separate occasions - with three separate characters - turned the tide of a key scene with “Where there is a whip…” and this is fine.

I noted, in going over Where there is a whip, that after a few sessions of accepting the lash, the players could be nominated for “Tasting the Lash”

I also find this appropriate.

My question is - how do I do this? Regular trait vote? What do I do if a Player keeps accepting the benefits of having their character beaten horribly by a horrid orc sadist, but refuse to take the trait “Tasting the Lash”. It is in the Orc characters beliefs to subjugate others.

Thoughts? Advice? Previous Experiences?

Keep whipping then nominate them all for Tasting the Lash during your regular trait vote. Talk to your GM beforehand. They’ve earned the benefit, now it’s time to pay the piper.

If you’re playing with poor sports, you’ll probably have trouble convincing them to take the trait. If you’re playing with people interested in good story, hopefully they’ll see your case and play along.

Excellent - thanks for the advice.

I am said GM. I just foresee this as something that will happen soon.