Tax and test for advancement when helping in resources

Hey everyone! I want to make sure that I’m getting the following scenario right.

Let’s say that Alice makes an Ob 2 test with her B3 resources and the help of Bob (B2). She rolls 4 dice and gets just 1 success. As a result:
a- Alice failed a routine test (4 die vs Ob2), so is taxed by 1 die.
b- Bob failed a difficult test (Exp2 vs Ob2), so is taxed by 2 (falling to B0 resources and having his permanent exponent reduced to B1).

This seems to me like the way to go, but I don’t completely rule out that an alternative interpretation where: Alice made a routine test -> then the tax is established at 1 -> then the people who helped are only taxed by 1 (even if for them the test was difficult).

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