Tax when helping Resources

Players can help each other with Resources tests. How does taxing resources as part of a failed roll work? It makes sense to tax the character making the test, but can I tax the helpers? If the tax is 2, does the acting player take both of those, or do I tax 1 from everybody, or 2 from the acting player and 1 from everybody else, or something else? Do cash dice insulate everybody, or just reduce the tax overall before applying it?

I’m eager to see other answers on this as well, but if this came up at the table with me - of the few ways I could see handling it - I would follow You Reap What You Sow but allow the cash dice to eat up the tax. If there was still a final tax left over to be applied, everybody would get it equally since tax is not a condition.

Tax is a special condition, which why I think it could be shared or distributed to helpers.

Ah, got it. It is defined as a special condition. Interesting. Eager to see other feedback.

I believe this has been answered before, but I can’t seem to find the thread. Now I’m a wimp and might just tax the helping dice, but I believe the raw answer is that everyone helping shares in the full brunt of the tax after the cash is subtracted.

Example: Ob 5 Resources, +2D Cash, 2 helpers
-If you get 3 successes and the GM calls for tax then the MoF is 2 and the +2D Cash absorbs it. No Tax.
-If you get 1 success and the GM calls for tax then the MoF is 4. 2 are absorbed by the +2D Cash leaving 2 tax. The person making the test and both helpers all have their base resources score taxed by 2. Ouch.

Keep in mind the GM can also call for a twist or a standard condition, he doesn’t have to chose tax.

For a minute I wondered if you could help resources with a cash die and thus protect yourself from tax a bit in case the test fails. Of course then I realized that to do that you’d just hand over some cash in the fiction.


Found it!

So, what Jovialbard said.

Devious! Thanks, everyone!