Taxed Resources and Advancement - interperetation

This situation came up in our game a few sessions back.

My character has resources 5, he is taxed by 3. I helped another character with an ob 3 resources test.

After referring to page 373 in BWG - Advancing Resources
“resources advance like a skill”
“make sure to note the current actual resources exponent and use that for advancement purposes”

The question at the table was “Is this a challenging resources test because - like a skill - my current resources that i’m helping with is effectively a 2? Or is it a routine resources test for my 5 resources exponent because i should use the actual resources exponent for advancement purposes?”

after some deliberation I convinced the GM that it was a challenging test like a skill, because although resources is a unique ability in it’s advancement, it would be too weird for it to be completely outside the system when tax is involved. the wording in that second part just means that when you log successful resource tests for advancement, with an exponent of 5, routine tests are no longer useful.

anybody else like to weigh in?

By my reading, you use your actual resources exponent to determine the number and type of tests required to advance. Other than that, you use the same dice rolled vs obstacle chart.

So yes, being taxed is a great way to get those challenging and difficult tests, but it comes with the risk of further financial ruin.

So, you had an effective Resources of 2 and you Helped on an Ob 3 test? That’s a Challenging Resource test for you.

You’d count the exponent 2 vs ob 3.

Just like if you had a wound and your skill was reduced by some amount of dice, you’d go by the effect exponent.