TB 2E Scholar's Guide download

Hello. I’m a baker for 2E (Feasting Table level) and I’m not able to apply the coupon code for the Scholar’s Guide download. I get a message saying the code has expired, but I’ve checked carefully and found no previous download of this document. I sent 2 emails to geoff@burningwheel.com but I’ve not received a reply.

Can someone there please help?

Thanks so much - John

Hey John, just sent you an email response~ thanks for pinging us here, and apologies for missing it.

For those with similar issues, you need to access the files via the link in the email receipt that was sent when you originally placed an order (I’ve resent the invoices to bump them in your inbox).

If you don’t want to save or drudge up the link every time then you can make an account on the store. If your orders were made through a guest account the file can be added to your new account, just let me know that you’ve made one.

Hope that helps!

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