TB lethality

is it deadly? like old school deadly? can you do TPK and just roll new set of PCs? or is it more like BW - you can go down from a single hit but it is little bit harder to kill?

i feel that lethality was an important feature of early D&D. is it present in TB?

Worse. You’ll pray for death. It will not come.

ok. that’s pretty rough :smiley:

but then again if i want to be old school mad bastard axe-killer ‘dm’ will i be able. i know that i am only limited by my unlimited depravity but does TB support that sort of play?

i am pretty sold on TB and will be buying it as soon as it hits the stores this is just me trying to feel out where it stands in the relation to retro-clones and games like dungeon crawl classics.

Allow me to quote another thread, half in support of Jared and half as an answer to your question:

Someone else will have to answer your question fully; I have only seen a few bits and pieces of TB. That said, I know there were some TPKs, so yeah, that kind of thing can happen.

– Kai

You can do TPKs by just piling on conditions. It won’t really be fun for anyone involved.

Assuming the same rules about death as in MG…

Death only comes when you either take one for the team, or when the intent of the other team was explicitly to kill you.

There is no “accidentally killing” PC’s. Either the GM opts to kill one or more as a conflict goal, or, in a conflict barely won, a PC dies to prevent injuries to the rest.