I’m probably blind, but I don’t see any teamster lifepath, nor any skill for making animals do what you want them too. Help?

Driving. Field laborer has it. Ignore this. Though it’s odd no peasants or city lifepaths have it that I can see.

I stand corrected. City groom has Driving, but Village groom doesn’t.

Animal Husbandry covers training of animals when not using them to pull carts.

Driving and Animal Husbandry are the two skills that you’re looking for.

I could have sworn that lifepaths you’re looking for were posted to the forums.

City Groom has Driving and Animal Husbandry.
Village Groom has a lot of interesting skills including Animal Husbandry. They are missing driving though.

I did a search in this forum for “teamster, driving, and animal husbandry.” WTF?

It wasn’t so much animal husbandry I was looking for, because training wasn’t the issue. An orc head-taker was trying to drive a mule-drawn sledge full of timber and furs he had captured through a forest. He decided to keep the mules, rather than eating them and hitching goblins to the sledge, as per SOP. We used beginner’s luck driving. He ended up maddening the poor mules with his whip, leading one to break a leg, and the sledge to flip with him underneath, giving a light wound, and providing time for an elite Elvish archer who has been hunting him to catch up.

Driving was definitely the skill you were after!

This reminds me of a scene in an old non-BW campaign I ran where the Druid decided to talk to the mules during a long overland trip. She discovered the mules were completely dissatisfied with their working conditions, and the animals organized a general strike until more apples were secured. The role of “teamster” took on a whole new meaning.

Just thought I’d share. :stuck_out_tongue: