Teamwork In A Conflict

In the Teamwork section it says you need to have a relevant skill to assist someone. Does this carry into Conflicts as well? For example in a Journey conflict where you have a Team of 2 mice and one of them doesn’t have Pathfinder would they be able to assist the other mouse that does? Or would the other mouse be on his own for those checks?

Also can trained animals assist with checks? For example Crickets have Weather Watcher listed in their Nature, could they provided an extra dice to a mouse making a Weather Watcher check?

The teamwork restrictions apply to all tests.

And sure, Crickets can help.

Cool, thank you Luke!

Cheddar will be glad to hear that Buzz Buzz is super helpful, lol.

Hmmm… nice choice on the pet there! Can you point me to the page on pets?

It’s in the section on Livestock (p. 206). There’s no real specific detail on taking a pet but it does say mice do it.

Ah, excellent. Bookmarking the page now. Thanks!

That’s kind of interesting. I suddenly see weather watching mice observing the behavior of crickets as part of the weather watching procedure. At least in the cities that could be a nice help, might be harder on the road.

It also fits nicely into my ‘‘roman Mouse Guard’’ SPQM since the romans were keen on observing animals for directions in decision making.

You could likely use Beetles to assist with appropriate Labor checks requiring Hauling. Leef Chewing might be useful in clearing away sprouts after Spring rains.

There has already been an example of Bees providing a Military conflict bonus with their Swarming. An individual bee could perhaps be used to locate a rare flower with a suitable Apiary check given their Pollen Hunting.

This is an area to explore. I get pictures in my head of mice herding lots of beetles chewing away at the vegetation like the best of goats. Thanks for opening my mind.

Don’t think this has been mentioned in rules or forum:
If two mice have conflict with a raven, can a third mouse join the team for, say, the third action in the conflict. It makes sense but was the rules meant that way?

Possibilities I see if it’s possible is to even out a conflict by joining the weak team or letting a inexperienced character join the conflict a little late (e g 2:nd action).

I’d allow it in my game, but the section on teamwork says that as soon as you help out with a roll or a disposition check you are bound by the outcome of the conflict. So it’s still dangerous to get involved, even at the last minute :slight_smile:

I think I would rule it as a different team joining the conflict. Rather then another member joining a team. Since they weren’t there to participate in the initial Disposition. Would be a rare occurrence especially given how it would change the fight.