Technology and the fiction

The biggest stumbling block I get with new players is the idea that you can only use technology in challenges with the appropriate experience tag. The example I use is, lets say you have a piece of tech, say a knife. It’s tagged for cultivation, as it’s a cooking knife. You chop ingredients with it and whatnot.

Now a user wants to use the knife in a wetworking challenge, but then gets upset when I say that there’s no game bonus for your knife because it’s not tagged for wetworking. I try to justify it in the fiction, saying that “Yeah sure, you’re waving around that chef’s knife and slicing with it and whatever, but it’s not a sword or dagger, so it’s not going to be as good as those.” The end result in the wetworking is the knife was used to stab and slice IN THE STORY. I mean that’s what happens. They used the chef’s knife to cut someone up. But they still don’t get to draw from the tech deck.

I never say that you can’t USE the piece of tech, but you simply don’t get the bonus.

Does this sound right? And if so, why am I still getting frustration? Any thoughts welcome.

You can burn technology in any challenge regardless it’s experience tag.

User stabs with cooking knife, it’s broken and splinter stays in body. No technology cards of course, but it was impressive burn action with powerful consequences.

Every cook knows that a 9" chef knife is an inferior weapon to a KA-BAR, and it’s hard to julienne zucchini with a kukri—but it’s sure fun to say!

On the Donut getting chopped up with a kitchen knife is likely a minor inconvenience, and the nanotech blade always makes it blunt when you are about to cut a person, so you never cut a finger, or your friends.