Tell me about Aura of Fear in your games.

I’m looking to make a Rogue Wizard for a game with my wife. We’re working on figuring out how Aura of Fear should work in our game: is it always on, is it situational, &c., &c. Not so much “What’s the one true way to run this trait?” but “What happens if we run it this way vs. that way?”

So, folks, I’d like to read some stories about how you and your group treated Aura of Fear in play – how you approached the mechanics and, in turn, what kinds of fiction and play experience sprung from it. Was the fear an ever-present thing? What was the wizard like – a scary badass, an unsettling loon, a pariah? If there were trait votes involved, what fictional events prompted them? Stuff like that.

Thank you much!

There was a thread about AoF recently.


I’ve always interpreted it as ‘always one, only causes a roll (Steel) at most once for any (N)PC this char meets’.

The Rogue Wizard in my current campaign chose Obscure Aura over Aura of Fear because AoF was ‘too disruptive and creepy’. Within that fiction, someone with that type of Aura would most likely either be a leader of the Dark Side, or dead shortly.

Thanks, Luke. Dunno how I managed to miss that. Searched the boards and Ctrl+F-ed the front page and everything. Oh, well, search fail! :frowning: