Tell people when you challenge them


my next mission has an Obstacle that will challenge a lot of peoples BI(G?)s.

The situation is this:

The group will find a young Wolf whose paw got terribly wounded by a weasel?/mouse? trap and is whining for help.

The BI involved are

B: The best way to deal with a problematic situation is to charge into it - will she attack him?
I: Allways draw my Hallberd when there is trouble - does she draw her weapon and anger the wolf?

B: The way of sword and shield is more honorable then the way of science - will he use reason to deal with the wolf or attack?
I: nuzzle everything new and interesting - will he nuzzle the wolf?

B: Better be safe then sorry - will he ignore the wolf or help him ->
I: Never decline someone that needs help - will he go and deal with the wolf like his instict tells him?

new Mouse - jaded healer that lost his compassion
B: Only the strong deserve my help, helping the weak won’t make them strong - is a wolf strong? Should he help him or be happy he suffers
I: Always remind people what you have been trough

Should i ask these questions to my players? Should i tell them that they are challenged right now?
I tried this once and it greatly improved the tension of everyone but i am not sure this actually helps the game…

What do you say forum?

What I often do is present the situation and then let the players mull over it in character. If I feel like they’re forgetting something obvious (like an Instinct) or are stuck, I remind them to look over their BIGs.

I sometimes like to highlight those moments where BIGs come into lay. I do things like put a choice in front of a player and them tell them “I’m really interested to know if you’re going to do X as a good guardmouse should, or will you stay true to your Belief about Y?”