Temporary Stat Shift and New Skills

I have a player in my game who is a Summoner, and during our last session he convinced an angel to lend him his well. So he is now running around with G7 Will, and before the session is over, he opens up riding. Now, since riding is will based, it of course opens up ant G3.

My question is, once he loses the the benefit of the angels will, does the skill he opened remain at gray?

that’s a good question! I think the shade shift is temporary, but please compliment him on an excellent attempt at a rules exploit.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t an exploit. You would think it would be, but it was a question that was asked as we took a break to eat pizza.

Haha! Just sort of an “…hey, wait a minute…so does that mean…?” moment?


Interesting. Were I making the call, I’d break this in the players favor, and say that in this one instance, a tiny fragment of grace remains.

…until the angel comes back, looking for it!

Yeah, you have now taken a bit of the angels power…

Or one the angels adversaries come to claim it for their own!