Tenderpaw cloaks

So I know it says that in the recruitment section it says that tenderpaws don’t have cloaks, but the two tenderpaw pictures have cloaks. Are those just cloaks that are there while their tenderpaws? If they don’t have cloaks then do they have anything else to identify them as members of the Guard?

I think you’re the first person to comment on this. You should get a prize or something.

They have cloaks because I messed up when I gave David the art direction.

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But do they have anything else that identifies them as members of the guard?

They’re not members of the Mouse Guard, so no.


Their Mentor. WHo is a member of the Guard in the formal sense, and has his/her cloak.

Ah, right, somehow i didn’t really make that connection! That makes a lot more sense.


Yeah, technicly the Tenderpaw wouldn’t be out of their mentor’s sight for very long, so the mentor would provide that symbol.

However you could have those tenderpaws wear a hood or cowl or arm band etc. in the same color as their mentor.

And since no cloak means they are not wearing ANYTHING, I could easily see them having a tunic or robe or something that may look like a cloak…

Perhaps there is something special about Guard cloaks that only mice can see and differentiate from common civillian cloaks…HAHAHA

How about the weave of the cloak being different for a tenderpaw, with it being finer quality for a fully-fledged Guardmouse, and just a practical cloak for travel in the wilds for the tenderpaws.

And here’s a thought, the cloak could be made by the Guardmouse’s family - just like the coats in ‘Dogs in the Vineyard’. And they are the ones who use a special weave to identify a Guardmouse.

Maybe the weave depicts the crest of the Guard, if they have one (I know in the graphic novel and on the rulebook cover there are ideograms on shields and armour - maybe these are town or Guard crests).