Territories Map Question


In the west of the map, in the Darkheather, there is a settlement that’s listed but struck because it fell during the Weasel War. This settlement is south of Pebblebrook. Does that say Woodruffs Grove?

Here’s a look at the map: http://www.mouseguard.net/characters.htm

Do you have the MG RPG? If so, open up the dust cover. A big map is inside it and I think it may be more easy to read than that image (from which I won’t even try to read the town you mean because it’s too indistinct for me).

Yeah I do own the book, but it is at home on my desk. I’m working on ideas for future missions while things are quiet here at work. I’ll wait till I get home, that map on the jacket is nice and I’ll most likely be able to read it.