Test Flowchart

Wow! This is so cool, thank you so much for posting this!

This is great! This will help my players aswell as me to keep track of the flow of the rules a lot easier!

That’s a great point, Siffner. None of my players have the rules, other than what’s on the character sheet. This flowchart should act as a great resource for them.

Luke: Earlier in the thread, you mentioned “prettifying/Mouse-ifying/Luke-ifying” the flowchart. Is there a rough ETA on this? Not trying to be demanding or anything, just curious.

It’s on the wiki now.
We’ll post it on the twitter and blog tomorrow.
It’s pretty. Thank Ben Morgan for that!

The download link seems to be broken.

For conflicts i like the mouse guard cards best so when the boxed set comes out that will be pretty much resolved i imagine.

I wonder if there could be a chart describing the actions for non combat conflicts, something that would help players come up with descriptions for their actions mostly with example lines for each action type.

sorta like what the Argument sheet looks like but without bonuses, more of a roleplaying aid list, eventually everyone would know how to do it without any help.

Have you looked at this sheet? It covers all or most non-combat/conflict related tests performed within the game.

Luke, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this. On the wiki:

Flow sheet for Mouse Guard Skills Tests. [[Download] (0MB)]

Not sure if you just put a placeholder there for now, but there’s no actual link.

Hm. What hasn’t Megan done?

That’s right. I’m blaming my assistant!

She added a Twist, and made you Angry. The bad news is, we’re already mostly through Winter, so you’re going to have to wait until the Spring Player’s Turn to lose that condition (or pay extra checks in the next GM’s Turn).

Wow! Looks great!! Thanks Luke!

Ben Morgan did the prettification.

KirbyG - you still plan on doing a Conflict Flowchart? (excellent work on the Test Flowchart! is v. 1.4 the most current/‘final’ version?)

With regards to the prettified version hosted on the wiki - looks really nice; one thing though is that it appears there may be a minor error on the 2nd page: the Beginner’s Luck flow is labled “Success”.


Pretty’d up version looks really great!