Test Flowchart

I was trying to sort out the whole procedure for tests in my head. I couldn’t find anything like this on the web so I started diagramming.

I came up with this:

[EDIT: Updated to version 1.1 on January 15, 2010, added trait modifiers, fixed typos]
[EDIT: Updated to version 1.2 on January 17, 2010, added ties and pass/fail check reminders]
[EDIT: Updated to version 1.3 on January 17, 2010, made changes as per technomonkey]
[EDIT: Updated to version 1.4 on January 18, 2010, tidied up and reorganized a bit]

Please look at it and critique or correct. If there’s anything you think should be added, say so. (There’s a little room)

This is an early version. I want to do one for Conflicts as well, and I’ll publish final versions of all of them when they are finished. (EDIT: actually I don’t think there’s much I could add to the back of the character sheet for conflicts)

Awesome. Taking a look now.

Looks good to me.


Eeek! I forgot traits! I’ll add a section on the three levels of traits and how they affect rolls.

Pretty darn awesome. I’ll keep my eye on it.

Please keep us updated on the… updates(?!). This looks really useful, especially to us newcomers to the MG/Burning* type games.


Cool, here are my thoughts reading through it:

Base for Special Tests:
What does “resist orator or deceiver skill” mean? Is this a test? I may be forgetting this rules/confusing with BW.

Base for Skill Tests:
I’d use ‘appropriate’ not relevant to distinguish from I am Wise and Help. The skill doesn’t just have to be relevant, it has to be appropriate to test with. May be my personal preference.

Can’t you just spend a Persona point to get +1D?

Who Can Help?:
Can someone help with 0 Resources?

After-Roll Modifiers:
Level 3 Traits are once per session.

Skill Test Results:

I would say just “plot twist” and not mention failure. I’m pretty sure there’s a line in the book that after you deal with all the twists it’s as if you succeeded in your first test. So if you make a test to get to Barkstone and fail the roll that doesn’t mean you never get there.

Beginner’s Luck:
Again, can’t you spend a Persona for +1D?
“Result is test amount” is awkward.
“Continue with test” sounds like there’s something more to be done.

Very Cool!

I’ll print this out for my players when we start to play.

Fantastic, TM, thanks!!!

  1. If you are resisting against a persuader,orator or deciever skill (and it’s not escalating into a full-blown confliuct), you test using Will (as per p236). I missed "persuader"on the chart. Fixed.

  2. Relevant changed to appropriate. Sounds good to me. Fixed

  3. Spending persona. I had completely missed this. Fixed in all places, I think.

  4. Helping with 0 resources. No, you can’t. Noted.

  5. Level 3 traits usable once per session. Noted.

  6. Removed “Failure and” from plot twist description.

  7. Reworded “result is test amount” to “test using this number of dice”

  8. “Continue with test” changed to “continue with test success/failure chart”.

That work?

Looking good.

My “appropriate” comment was really only about your first use of “relevant”. I think relevant is a good word for your use in the Modifiers section, for example. Appropriate is okay too.

I feel these could be grouped better. Maybe all the trait stuff together on the right side?

Who can Help?:
You aren’t testing “against” your stats, you’re testing your stats.

Okay, I think that’s pretty close.

Any further comments, shout. Otherwise, share away.

Link doesn’t work.

That’s because I am taking all of the effort you have put into helping me and running away and publishing this to sell for… ONE MEEEEEEEEEEELION DOLLARS!!!

…or I mistyped a filename. Whichever. It should work now.

This is great. You have a keen mind.
I’ll try to take this back in house and style it correctly.

Also, you cannot put that under CC license. It is a derivative work and therefore falls under my rights.


Thank you for the compliment. I try to understand things by putting them in my own words, or restating them. This helped point out a lot of places that I didn’t understand the rules, because I couldn’t diagram them properly.

I think I’m fully within my rights to CC license it. A summary or notes taken from a work are considered a new work. Cliff’s Notes is a new work, not owned by the author of the book, even though it summarizes the original work. Before I started I checked with an acquaintance that works in IP for this exact reason. I also admin a large photoshop contest website and we’re very conscious of IP issues.

HOWEVER, that’s all moot, because I would be happy to have you pretty it up and use it. If you feel like attributing me, that would be nice, but I hereby formally give up my right so sue your pants off if you take this and publish it whole cloth.

I don’t suppose you will need them, but if you want source files (in LibreOffice Draw…) shout.

Source files are always helpful!

So, it’s going to be fully functional… AND pretty? Sweet.

Shouldn’t “after-roll modifiers” include +1s/+2s from weapons?

And the gear +1D modifier should probably say “right weapon or gear”.


It comes down to a decision about this chart. My original intent was to just make a chart for non-conflict tests. If this is expanded to include conflict, it will get larger and more complex. It’s possible, but that wasn’t my original intent, because the instructions for conflict on the back of the character sheet are quite complete.

The definition of “gear” on P93 for use in non-conflict tests includes weapons so it’s not really necessary. As for their use in conflict, P117 indicates that weapons don’t give +1D automatic modifier, but instead give modifers to just the specific actions as per the chart. So, either way I think it’s fine as is (non-conflict: it’s included in “gear”, conflict: it’s not a global +1D).

If you want to create a separate chart for conflict (referencing this one as a sub-step like “perform check as per chart 1”) that adds all the modifiers for various weapons, that will be doable, but a separate project. Just summarizing the weapons from pages 118-122 would likely be most of a page in itself. Best to just add a “see P118-122 for weapon modifiers” note and leave it at that. These weren’t meant to replace the rulebooks, just to gather the various parts into one linear process.