tests for social and martial conflict

Hi All,

Question about tests for duel of wits, range and cover, and full fight.

say a character earns 2 tests for persuasion and 2 tests for oratory in a duel of wits. would that character be able to log:

a) 1 test for oratory OR persuasion

b) 1 test for oratory AND persuasion

same question applies to martial conflicts. this is an interpretation of the text on page 45 of BWG.


You can only get one test out of any type of conflict. I think you’re supposed to take the first test of the conflict, unless you’re one test away from advancement and you need a specific difficulty. (Actually, that last part may be me conflating Mouse Guard in there, but I can’t remember.)

B is correct. You get one test for each ability used in the conflict. Usually the highest difficulty, unless you’re one test away from advancing, in which case you can take the lower difficulty test if it comes up.

Only one test per conflict per ability. From a single Fight you could easily get tests for (say) Speed, Sword, Power, Steel and Brawling.

Correct. One test per ability per conflict.

Ah okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me too then!

This is why, if you suck at Fight, you should pick up every available weapon and try everything. You may die, but you’ll get a slew of tests.