Tests from Fight!

Hi all, I’ve been browsing the forums for a few days and had a question that I haven’t seen answered but was wondering about.

I know when there are repeated tests of a skill/stat you only use the most challenging one, but what about when there are tests of multiple different skills/stats?

Example, in a fight someone scripts Charge, strike, and avoid, then tries to escape a lock twice (once with Agility, once with Forte).

Do they get a test in the four stats and their weapon skill, or just whichever test was the most challenging? If it’s just one test, total, from the fight, and there are multiple “challengings”, do players just pick which test to take?

Same question for actions in DoW that test different exponents?

Log one test per ability used. If you Charge, Lock, Avoid, and strike with sword, dagger, and boot… You’ll be logging tests for Power, Brawling, Speed, Sword, and Knife. It does pay to vary your tactics.