Thanks! Everything received in pristine conditions!

Hello, just wanted to say thanks! I received Torchbearer Collectors Edition this morning after one week from the order (it had to fly across the Ocean). I still have to have a good look at it, but the books are beautiful and from all the small details, the paper, the trinkets etc… you can see transpiring the same love for gaming that characterize from all the other books published by BWHQ. I hope to play ASAP with my old group, unfortunately most of the time we have to play remotely since it’s a long time that I live abroad, but I’ll let you know how it goes!


The quality of the books from BWHQ always astounds me. I just shipped to Kickstarter edition transatlantic (after myself moving), and the big box got pretty smashed up, but thankfully everything inside survived unharmed. It’s my first time playing a ttrpg with lots of components, and I’ve been really enjoying having everything laid out during the session


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