The 9 Guardians

I want to hack up something for the movie “9”.

It looks like small ragdolls in a ruined city would be a good fit for Mouse Guard.

I’m thinking that the Nature of mice fits well with what I’ve seen of the ragdolls as well.

Wikipedia article on the movie.

Spoiler: this is the original short film.

Web site for the movie 9.

Any ideas?
Anything that would need to be changed?
Or would it be a simple “skin” change to ragdolls and a ruined city?

EDIT: And if anyone is interested. This is a fake journal of the scientist who created the dolls.

I think that’d be damn cool and I agree it looks like a good fit for a MG hack. Funny… I was thinking about this movie the other night.

From what I know about it, I’d say you’d really just need to re-skin it. Couldn’t say more til 9/9/09 when it comes out.

I too am really thinking about using MG as a basis for a 9 game. I’ve been wanting to run MG for the kids at the after-school club I run but, believe it or not, none of the kids (all are in their teens) want to play mice. This might be just the ticket though to teach them the rules of the game while giving them a setting that they’re more interested in.

Yeah I REALLY want to see that movie! The new trailer even gives you a better look into what the movie is about. I really think it would be a great hack. If you need any help just let me know.

Note: I lost some of my interest in this since the Rangers of the North is such an awesomely spectacular hack.

That said - I did have some stuff written down so I might as well post it.

There are only 9. They are our Guardians. None are certain how they are chosen. Once chosen they are marked - by a sigil - a number.

I’m not - necessarily - interested in keeping canon with the movie. For me the idea is to invoke the feel without any of the (potential) baggage.
So in order to do that I’m thinking that this would be a short term game set-up to explore the setting. Exploration of the self and the ruined city. And to find out what is really going on, of course.
This limited expiration date style game might, or might not, assume that there are any other rag doll peoples with which to interact other than the 9 Guardians.

For longer term play there are some questions that would need to be answered in the form of what the group would want out of this setting, rather than just playing Mouse Guard.

I will post the rules changes that I have so far next.

[li]Apiarist is not needed.
[/li][li]Baker, Brewer, and Cook are unnecessary.
[/li][li]Harvester is now called Scavenger.
[/li][li]Healer has a “skin” change in that it is now mending bodies and such.
[/li][li]Insectrist is largely unneeded, but could still be used.
[/li][li]Other skill changes depend upon whether there is a society or not.

[/li][li]Steady Paws
Rank should probably be more about Experience in the ruined city. Although this also depends on how much of a society one adds to the game setting.

Fur color becomes general appearance. Choose 3 things that make your character stand out from others such as: buttons, zippers, fabric, etc.

Cloak becomes the Number that has been bestowed upon you, where it is placed on you, and if it is stylized in a particular way.

And that is as far as I got…

EDIT: added a link to the first post.