The Academic Trait

Hey, folks. The Theologian lifepath on page 186 of Gold Revised has Academic listed as a trait. I haven’t been able to find this trait in the list or index of Gold Revised or in my pre-revised Codex. I also checked the special human lifepath traits starting on page 199

Does anyone know what this trait might do? It’s listed at the end of the LP’s - rather long - trait list, so I figure it might be something juicy.

Any help would be appreciated.

I believe it’s just a 1pt Character Trait, so there’s nothing you’re missing.


Can’t find any indication it has special rules, so I’m with @Kashain on it being a Character Trait.

I recall coming across a couple of other Character traits that aren’t mentioned in the list: from what I recall, they were things that only appeared once too, so potentially a few slipped through the proofing or were deliberately omitted to save a little space.


Cool. Thanks, folks!

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