The Affinity for books and scrolls Trait

This Die trait is listed in the Archivist life-path (human). Is there a write-up on what skill this effects somewhere I am missing? Or is it the choice of the player, e.g., like Reading, Research, (or other skills that might make sense).

Had another look and I can’t see a specific write-up for the trait in the BW Gold rulebook.

Considering other similar traits:

  • The default Affinity for… trait says it gives +1D to a specific skill.

  • Affinity for Horses says that all Affinities give +1D when dealing with the subject of the trait; but also lists two specific skills that applies to.

  • Affinity for Sheep and Goats and Affinity for Spiders both say that they give +1D to any stat or skill test relating to Sheep and Goats, and Spiders respectively.

So, there is an argument it applies to one skill defined in advance, an argument it applies to several skills defined in advance, and an argument that it applies to any test primarily about books/scrolls.

If I was running, I’d probably go with any test that is primarily about books/scrolls, so Read but also, for an example, an Agility test to run through a burning library with an armful of scrolls without dropping any because you instinctively know how they stack best.

However, a different game (perhaps one where books and scrolls are likely to be at the core of a lot of things) might take a narrow definition to avoid it becoming a bonus to “everything”.


In our current game, one of the PCs has an Affinity for Rope.

They’ve got the +1D to tests such as Knots (when binding up people in rope), Rigging and (on one memorable occasion) a Speed/Agility test to swing away to safety from one barge to another, Errol Flynn-style.

As @DaveHiggins says, it will depend on your game, but I’ve had a tendency to read it fairly generously.

I’d note that I’d allow it to give you a +1D on a Beginner’s Luck check related to / tied to your Affinity. So, someone with an Affinity for Rope but no Rigging would get the +1D to a Beginner’s Luck Rigging check in my game.


Thanks all, this is helpful.


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