The Armorer Guide to Weapons - v1.0


These rules I create to help other GM to design new equipment and legendary weapons for the Mouse Guard Chronicles and still in development. Feel free to use them in your game as you like.
To built your weapon, you must think in the concept and pick the Manufacture points (MP) and use those to buy all aspects of your weapon or armor. Good aspects are called Traits and bad aspects are Complication. You cannot have more complication than your start MPs plus 1. For each point used to acquire Complications you get for the design, you receive +1MP to use in Advantages.

Step 1: Concept of the weapon. Pick one of the concepts:
RANGED = 2 MPs and must choose the Missile complication.
LEGENDARY = 4 MPs and must choose at least 1 Legendary trait.

Step 2: Choose your Complication. Think about how this weapon could penalize the wielder. If are none, skip to step 3.

COMMON COMPLICATIONS (earn 1 MP to spend in advantages):

[li]Bulky: -1D to Feint and Maneuver.
[/li][li]Fragile: Can’t be used in the rain.
[/li][li]Hard to Master: -1D to Maneuver.
[/li][li]Requires two hands and can’t be used with a shield.
[/li][li]Slow: -1D to Defend or Feint.
[/li][li]Missile: Against all weapons except slings and bows, Attack against Attack is a versus test rather than independent. [RANGED AND LEGENDARY ONLY]

BIG COMPLICATIONS (earn 2 MP to spend in advantages)

[li]Very Slow: Defend and Feint has -2D.
[/li][li]Unwieldy: -1D to Attack.
[/li][li]Very Hard to Master: -1D to Defend and Maneuver.
[/li][li]Reload: This weapon takes time to reload and can only be used once per set of three actions in a conflict.
[/li][li]Heavy: -1D Health to recover from fatigue if the shield was used in a fight during the last Turn. Shields are generally used on their own—as defense and a weapon.

Step 3: Choose your Traits. Think about how this weapon could be used. You can buy any Common and Special Traits, but the legendary is restricted to the most powerful weapons ever created!


[li]A Gentle Thrashing: Any conditions that result from being thrashed with a staff may be recovered with a +1D bonus.
[/li][li]Agressive: +1D to attack action.
[/li][li]Armor Piercing: This weapon ignores armor. Light armor is negated and has no effect on disposition; heavy armor is reduced from +1s to +1D; shields are reduced from +2D to Defend to +1D to Defend; any animal armor (like a turtle’s shell) is reduced by -1D.
[/li][li]Can be used with Shield.
[/li][li]Close Ranks: +1D Defend.
[/li][li]Deadly: +1s after a successful Attack.
[/li][li]Fast: +1s to Feint.
[/li][li]Handy: +1D to Feint actions.
[/li][li]Hard to Defend: Add +1D to your Attack versus Defend.
[/li][li]Hooked: +1D to Maneuver, +1s after a successful maneuver.
[/li][li]Light Protection: +1D to Defend.
[/li][li]Light Weapon: +1s to Maneuver.
[/li][li]Medium Range: +1D to Maneuver.
[/li][li]Short and Quick: Any successful Maneuver when fighting with a knife against a spear, sling, bow or thrown weapon counts as the disarm effect. This effect happens in addition to your margin of success for the maneuver action.
[/li][li]Thrown: When throwing a knife against anything except a bow or sling, your Attack action counts as versus against an opponent’s Attack and is independent against Maneuver. Once you throw your knife, it’s gone!
[/li][li]Thrusting: You gain +1s to Attack actions against opponents that is not armed with weapons that have Thrusting, Close Ranks or Short and Quick traits.


[li]Long Range:+2D to Maneuver.
[/li][li]Protection: +2D to Defend.
[/li][li]Useful: +1D to one action of your choice in a fight. You may choose the action at any point during the conflict. Once chosen, the bonus die sticks to that action for the remainder of the fight.
[/li][li]Versatile: +1D to Attack and Defend.
[/li][li]Very Deadly: Successful ATTACK has +2S


[li]Boost: [Choose one SKILL] will get +1s after successful using it.
[/li][li]Hinder: [Choose one SKILL] will lost 1D before using it.
[/li][li]Natural Order: Causes bearer to count as one size larger in Natural Order scale. Team get this benefit when setting a Conflict Goal.
[/li][li]Reputation: Can be used as Tool for [choose one SKILL] tests
[/li][li]The Curse: The wielder had[Choose one negative trait] when holding this item.
[/li][li]The Gift: The wielder had[Choose one positive trait] when holding this item.
[/li][li]Fury of the Ancient: +2s to all your actions in combat conflicts if you had the Angry condition.
[/li][li]Fear and Loathing: Opponents loose -1s to all social skills in the presence of this item.
[/li][li]Exemplary: Your team receive +1s to all actions in this conflict if they can see this item.
[/li][li]Heroic deed: This item grants you 1 temporary Persona point until the end of the mission. If you use this legendary trait in a battle, you must receive the Tired condition as part of your compromise.
[/li][li]Eternal Hero: This item grants you 1 temporary Fate point until the end of the mission. If you use this legendary trait outside combat, you must receive the Tired condition as part of your compromise.

Step 4: Write the description. If Legendary, create the background story of this weapon.

Now your weapon is ready! Go use it!

What you Think? Leave your comment please!

Replace the word “Advantages” in the text by TRAITS.

My Bad…

Fury of the Ancient: +2s to all your actions in combat conflicts if you had the Angry condition.

I would change this a little bit because angry gives you just -1 Disposition. May be +1s or +1D could be enough. I also think that one weapon could have only one legendary trait

Fair enough but the Black Axe has two official “Legendary” powers: Reputation and Nature Order. So, what do you think about change Step 1 Legendary Concept to:

LEGENDARY = 4 MP and you must take 2 Legendary traits for this weapon.

About Fury of the Ancients, I will change to +1s because, the legendary weapon must give the player some edge over a situation. Reviewing this LT, I agree that 2s may be to overpower if combined with Very Deadly or other trait that give more successes.

Thanks for your answer.

Alessandro Franzen