The Armorer skill

I read the entry for the Armorer skill in the Abilities and Skills chapter but can somebody explain how it works? It seems that there are a bunch of attributes that you can give the weapon you’re crafting, but how does it affect difficulty?

Do you pick one from each group of factors? That would seem strange since not all weapons are long-ranged.
Could you pick multiple abilities from the same category? Some of the weapons in the Resolutions chapter has multiple. Can you make a sword that’s Useful, Deadly, Hard to Defend against and Hooked all at the same time?
Can you make a shield that provides Light Protection but that’s also Deadly?

I need a how-to.

I’m assuming you can make em’ anything you want, the factors are more like guidelines. If the weapon isn’t range, don’t count the ranged options. If it’s not a shield or armor, don’t count those.

As for the listed factors on paw-to-paw, I think you can make do fairly easily by just adding +1 Ob per quality that stacks on top of each other. It wouldn’t make much sense for Hard to Defend to be a quality that requires 7 Ob, while Short and Quick is 2 Ob. It would make more sense that each quality is ‘about as powerful’, and they all add a static but stacking difficulty to the task.

A Short and Quick AND Deadly paw-to-paw weapon, I’m guessing, should be Ob 3 to make.

As for shield that’s protective AND deadly? If it sounds cool and sits well with everyone, then I’m sure you can describe it as a bladed shield or something.

Those would be my calls, anyway~