The Average LifeSpan of A Mouse Guard Character

While reading through the Recruitment section of the book, I couldn’t help but wonder if a player could actually start from a tenderpaw and retire as a Guard Captain at the age of 60. And while on it, what is the average life span of a created character (in Sessions, anyway) before they are retired, killed, or just forgotten?

You probably haven’t got very many responses because of how much this varies. A lot of the lifespan is determined by the GM but also how frequently the Players put “death” on the table in their Conflict Goals. The GM can put you up against some doozies where it only makes since for death to be on the table and if this happens enough, you will probably lose at least one mouse but a whole patrol wouldn’t be hard to lose if you had inexperienced people that were making choices of there Actions that were horrible (3 Maneuvers in a row).
Personally, if the characters have taken even one point off of the enemies Disposition then I will allow them to be “left for dead” rather than actually die. (see the section on death and killing in the MGRPB).

I missed this.
I think our longest MG campaign was a dozen or so sessions.

How many Guard died in that campaign though? I’ve been running a campaign for 7 sessions and so far 3 characters have been “left for dead” but they’ve always got the Disposition down at least a little when death has been on the table.

We had one guard retire. I don’t believe we had any permanent death.