The Black Axe Weapon Card Data?

I noticed that only people who went to Gen Con got the Black Axe special weapon card.
I’m not really interested in getting the actual card - since I make all cards, character sheets and markers myself anyway…
But, I am VERY interested in the stats and the text on it.

Will this be released? Does anyone here on the forum have it, and can share it with the rest of us?

If, so - huge thanks.
If not - when will it be somehow usable by the rest of us in our campaigns?

I’m away from my new box set right now but in the extra rules and mission booklet there is a mission in which Celanawe is a playable character and on his page are stats for the Black Axe so the secret wasn’t a Gen Con exclusive.

I had to run and look.
And yes, the new missions do have Celanawe and the Black Axe. I hadn’t looked that through properly.

BLACK AXE (upgraded version of a regular Axe)
Reputation: Can be used as Tool for Loremouse tests
Very Deadly: Successful ATTACK has +2S (Regular “Deadly” is +1S)
Very Slow: DEFEND & FEINT has -2D (Regular “Slow” is -1D)
Natural Order: Causes bearer to count as one size larger in Natural Order scale. Team get this benefit when setting a Conflict Goal.

I think it’s set to work in “Fight” and “Fight Animal” conflicts, but I would argue that it should also count in “War” conflicts due to its historical legacy (rally the troops) and it’s scale rules.

My own weapon cards (along with Condition cards etc) are layouted with a bit more info to them than the originals.
So here is the Black Axe in that template.