The Blood of Lilith

This is a mechanic I came up with after one of my players was administered the blood of Lilith (yes, that Lilith) in order to survive the total body third degree burns she had received. Once drank her body was completely healed and the following effects happened. This is a modified version of Corruption but with an emphasis on seduction and talking. I’m still thinking that the Blood stat should be used in place of Will in determining Power for Sorcery spells. Feedback would be very appreciated.

The Blood of Lilith
Only usable on human women, the Blood of Lilith turns the recipient into a less powerful version of Lilith at the cost of her health and possibly life.
Starting Blood Score
+1 if you’ve ever seduced anyone.
+1 if you’ve ever killed a male.
+1 if you’re Gifted or Faithful.
+1 if you’ve ever been oppressed by a male.
+1 if a male relied on you and if you betrayed them.
+1 if you’ve harmed a male.
The shade starts at Black.
You may use the Blood in the following ways whenever you’re attempting to persuade or seduce someone.
1 Fate: Blood may be used to help any social test, yours included. If you’re using the Seduction skill the use of that skill becomes open-ended for that test.
1 Persona: May substitute Blood for any social skill, trained or not.
1 Persona: May add Blood to any Seduction roll. Counts as Persona dice.
1 Deeds: May add Blood to any social skill roll.
May use Blood instead of Forte for Spell Tax. After exponent 5 routine tests can still help advance Blood. At Blood of Lilith exponent 10 the character dies.
The following are actions that, if taken, will count as tests of the appropriate obstacle.
Obstacle 1: Casting a spell. Being kind to a male.
Obstacle 2: Learning a new spell. Physically causing harm to a male. Summoning an imp.
Obstacle 3: Casting a spell that affects a male. Learning a new facet or school of magic. Summoning a greater imp. Paying tribute to a demon. Buying a male slave.
Obstacle 4: Mutilating a male. Having sex with a male. Casting a spell that harms a male. Summoning a lesser demon. Commanding any demon to perform a social service.
Obstacle 5: Murdering a male by any means. Summoning a demon. Commanding a demon to hurt anyone.
Obstacle 6: Torturing a male. Commanding a demon to kill a male.
Obstacle 7: Having sex with a demon. Male necrophilia. commanding that males be made undead. Making male undead.
Obstacle 8: Selling the soul of a male to a demon. Male necrophagia (eating dead bodies or carrion).
Obstacle 9: Eating demon-flesh to enhance one’s own power.
Obstacle 10: Being impregnated by a demon or undead.
Blood and Escalation
Every time you improve your Blood you are sick for a number of days equal to your new Blood exponent. Being sick in this way gives you a temporary wound for that amount of time. Roll a die of fate, with a +1 per every time before this one you’ve gotten sick. (1 and 2 Light, 3 and 4 Midi, 5 Severe, 6 Traumatic)
Failed Circles-Male Supplicant
On a failed Circles test a male supplicant becomes obsessed with the character and will do anything she asks, no matter how small.
Mortal Enemy Clause
On a failed Circles test people who wish to destroy the Blood may show up. Witch hunters or inquisitors with two knights to back them up are the usual options, but the GM can get as creative as he likes.