The Blue Mage - Master of enemy skills

The Blue Mage uses the Magician character build but instead of traditional magic they specialise in manifesting enemy weapons.

1st Level benefit:
To gain a weapon you must be hit with it in a conflict and succeed a will vs nature test. From that point onward you may equip a prepared weapon in a conflict and have it’s benefits as your own when using the appropriate conflict skill. You can prepare to use one enemy weapon for each adventuring phase.

2nd Level benefit:
In a conflict if you have not acted yet you may swap into a teammate’s action and they do the action previously scripted for you.
1 additional weapon can be prepared.

3rd Level benefit:
When you use the enemy weapon you may use the arcanist skill instead of the conflict skill.
1 additional weapon can be prepared.

4th Level benefit:
The first time you are hit with a new enemy weapon you are immune to it and the enemy rolls no dice for the conflict action.
1 additional weapon can be prepared.

5th Level benefit: You may bypass the required Will vs. Nature test to learn the enemy weapon.
1 additional weapon can be prepared.

Thrown together in 5 minutes. Sucks that they can’t use arcanist for anything useful before gaining level benefits. Looks like it’s not all that powerful without having several weapons, so maybe arcanist to prep an extra one? Of course these manifestations can also be used for good ideas and as having the right equipment in tests. Fire breath can certainly help you when your torches are wet.

I think in order to get any mileage out of their main ability, they’re going to need something that functions like armor. Otherwise it’s just too hard to acquire a weapon and remain in the conflict long enough to use it!

Perhaps the simple act of absorption reduces the incoming attack by 1s?

Could do. Maybe full armour proficiency on the level benefits.

The idea is that this class throws their self into danger to acquire a longer and longer list of monster weapons to choose from.

It seems a little underpowered because you could just carry a normal weapon with another class. But a couple of good ones and a couple of slots and you could have a bonus on most actions.

How long does the effect last? Once you learn a weapon can you prepare it forever, abiding level/phase limits?

You can keep on preparing it forever. It’s like a known spell. Maybe it could go in a travelling spellbook to limit the madness.

Spellbooks are a pretty complicated model to follow. Maybe they expire when you head into town?

What happens when the copied weapon is a spell? Or some other weapon which is limited in usage?

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