The Braxat

We’ve just begun character burning for our BWG Dark Sun game (I’m playing a Dwarven Templar) and I’ve been reading up on things. As a bit of lonely fun I thought I’d try to burn up a Braxat:

The Braxat

Stats and Attributes
Wi B5, Pe B6, Ag B3, Spd B4, Po B7, Fo B7

Hea B7, Ref B4, MW B12, Ste B8, Hes 5 (2), Stride: 7

PTGS: Su B4, Li B8, Mi B9, Sr B10, Tr B11, MW B12

Brawling B4, Intimidate B5, Desert Wastes-wise B3, Foraging B3, Hunting B6, Mace B4, Stealthy B3, Survival B4, Camouflage B4, Unwary Traveler-wise B3

Massive Stature, Dragon’s Breath (Cone of Acid), Heaving, Horns, Chitinous Carapace (plated leather), Vile Language, Brute, Predatory, Sadistic, Fearless

Braxat are known as the terrors of the desert, solitary ambush hunters that prefer to eat humanoids.

1: The young must remain hidden in the caverns.
2: Nothing can stand before me; I will toy with my prey to demonstrate its weakness.
3: No one moves through my territory with impunity; all will be eaten.

1: Always begin an attack with Mind Blast.
2: Only breathe acid as last resort, so the meat is preserved.
3: Always ambush prey at night.

Horns (Short): B6 / B9 / B12, Add 2, VA3, WS 1
Spiked Club (Mace): B6 / B9 / B12, Add 2, VA2, WS 2
Mind Blast—treat as a ranged psychic Intimidate, target using Will. Hesitate actions are limited to swoon and stand and drool.

Sample Script:
Mind Blast (2 physical actions), Charge/Strike (horns), Strike (mace)

Braxat are reptilian mammals that resemble a cross between a rhinoceros and a turtle. Their backs are protected by articulated plates and their heads are crowned by 3 to 5 keratinous horns. Despite their bestial appearance, they are cunning hunters and have some capacity for human speech.

D&D’s power scale is slightly different (what with humans taking down dragons and all), but these guys look massive - more than a B12 mortal wound, to me.

Are they meant to be very smart? That B6 perception seems noteworthy for something so brutish.

Mind Blast should probably be a Die Trait.

Does Massive Stature increase the weapon length of the horns and club?

Massive Stature raises the weapon length by one. As for the perception, they’re cunning and sadistic hunters, but maybe a B5 perception would fit. Raising mortal wound might be an idea. The Brute trait makes them pretty tough as is though.

BWG Dark Sun… so awesome.