The Broken Axe Guild

This is a concept I present in my game to move the history forward.

After the deafeat of the Axe Army leaded by Midnight in the Siege of Lockhaven, the remaining survivors scatered across the territories and many escape justice that day. The Guard search for them but only found the black armors stained with the blood. The Winter was near and there is more to do in the territories than before. Midnight was exiled beyond the Scent border and the great tale of this unexpected battle was told in each tavern across the land. The traitor is left for dead in the mouth of some larger predator, defeated, humiliated, and one day, his ideals will be forgotten. The Guard prevails once again… but they understimated the words of the traitor and something survived and grow in the past year.

In the Spring of 1153, the survivors of the Axe Army gather other simpathizers of the cause in secret and gathered in Wolfspointe, in a tavern called Raven´s Rest. At the time, they were poor farmers, broken merchants, wounded and weak by some tragedy but now they grow strong and organized. The Broken Axe Guild wants to fulfill the Midnight wishes to bring down the Guard and unite the Territories under one crown. The actual leader is a mouse called Cenentor, who is Abgail´s younger brother. After the death of his sister in the hands of the guard in last Winter, he sworn to become the ruler of all Territories and crush Gwendolyn with his paws. Cenentor´s most trusted lieutenant is Senia, former guardmouse that lost her husband and her left arm to a Snap Turtle. She is a skilled warrior and fearsome in battle.

The guild act in secret and use sabotage, intimidation and blackmail to achieve their goals and spread their influence. Ambushes against the mouse guard is common and after kill someone they left a parchment with a broken axe drawn with the blood stucked in a tree or in the hand of the victim. They terrorize the land from shadows, striking outside the reach of the Guard and using their leverage to undermine the guard efforts to protect the territories. Their members had a secret code and never gathered with the Broken Axe leader, but receive orders from Senia through cypher letters, finger codes and messenger insects. They all believe that Midnight is alive and runing the Broken Axe Guild, but no one knows the true face of their leader except Senia.

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