The Captain of the Guard

Hi Guys,

Hoping for some advice/help. One of my players wants to play a Captain of the Guard for another player. All good so far they have the Belief and Instincts to reflect that.

However the issue comes with the guard itself.

Do we purchase as a gang or is it just and association? And how does it get represented that he is the captain, should he by a follower to be the second in command or would you say a fully fledged relationship? I think there is no wrong answer just trying to work out how each option would work to better advise the player in to make a fun and interesting choice for the campaign. (And there will be combat - Range and Cover style for the Guard).

Thanks for the advice in advance

If the guard are doing something for the Captain rather than just being something he’s part of, then they sound like a gang rather than an association.

I assume by one player being Captain for another, you mean the other player is lower rank. So, depending on the subordinate player’s rank I see two strategies:

(1) if the subordinate is the captain’s immediate subordinate, then the Captain buys an NPC to be a subordinate of equal rank who isn’t as fleshed out: most hierarchies are pyramidal rather than a single line, and if the Captain is taking his trusted lieutenant with him on special missions (i.e. PC’s adventuring) he’d need another lieutenant to run daily guard operations.

(2) if the subordinate isn’t immediately subordinate, the Captain buys his most trusted lieutenant as a fleshed out NPC.

Either way, I’d suggest both players pool the costs of building the guard so it’s fully part of both their stories.

Ahh Sorry decribed that badly :worried:

So one player is a Noble Lord and the Other is his Captain of the Guard.

So the question is, as the Captain we would expect him to be able to order around the Guard. However we collectively (my players and me) can’t see the best way to work this logically. The problem we see with the Gang is it implies a small directly controlled group that belongs to you, rather than a group you are the boss of.

Its like he needs rank and association… but not sure how to model that. So that the Guards work for the Noble House, not for the Captain directly (he doesn’t pay for them) but in turn they follow his orders…

So assumed on what you suggest (thank you for that by the way) maybe a subordinate to be his personal page/squire type roll (as a constant companion), and then Relationships and Affiliation to represent the Sergeants and Guards of the House.

On the doing something front, I think more if there is a rebellion they would follow his orders in combat/situation rather than his own personal unit.

Unless there is something I am missing.

The captain buys a reputation and affiliation with his guard. If he’s smart, he’ll also buy a nice 4 LP 2IC relationship, too.


As ever, da bloke wot rote da game provides the best truth; so, do it the way @luke says.

Given they will be the Noble’s retainers, I still be tempted to discuss/require the Noble paying some points for them too.

Hi @luke, thank you, however I don’t understand buying a 4LP 2IC relationship … sorry think I have missed something

Embarrassed. :woozy_face:


Four Lifepath 2nd in Command, my friend!


Ahh 2nd in command, ok that makes sense, how do you purchase a 4LP second in command specifically. I assume this would be a 10RP relationship (modified of course) as they are important, but not critical to the game. Have I got that right?

Yes. Page 96. Bodyguards, Apprentices and Squires.

Ahhh thank you Luke, will look up when I get home from work.


Ok I see the problem. The characters Guard Captain is only 4LP himself so best he could hope for is a 2LP sidekick… will have to revisit with player. Maybe we will do as just a relationship. Cheers again

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