The Cliffs of Insanity: Things that shouldn't have happened.

I just wanted to start up a commentary thread to get some funny stories. What are the craziest things you’ve ever seen in your games? This could be bizarre rolls, crazy decisions made by players, or incredible twists brought up by the GM. What are the most insane things you’ve seen?\

I’ll start. In a recent session I GMed, one player was forced to take a poisonous herb to cure an ailment she had. It was an Ob 9 health test, receiving a wound of B(Ob minus the number of successes). She rolled four dice, and got two sixes. Opened them with a fate point, got a five and a six. Rerolled the six and got another six. At this point everyone was staring. Rerolled: another six. Everyone starts laughing. Rerolled: another six. At this point, she is actually afraid of the dice, but rerolls: ANOTHER SIX. This one finally turns into a two, ending the streak. She went from two to eight successes with one fate point (now that’s efficiency!). I decided such monumental success was deserving of a trait: immunity to that herb’s poison.

Oddly enough, it does not end there. Two rolls later, another player in the same session went from two successes to seven, again using only a single fate point! What was particularly hilarious about this was that it was for a linked test that ended up granting her four extra dice on the next roll. She rolled eight dice against Ob 3… and failed. It was all for nought…

Your guys’ turn!

Just FYI, getting more successes over the Obstacle on a Linked Test doesn’t get you more dice on the main test.

Faithful Priest rolling something like 11 dice on a Dismiss in a DoW in which his Faith was at stake. His opponent only had like 2 Dispo left. He still managed to fail. He lost his Faith.


Problem: The characters are cornered in a pirate’s ship.

Solution: The sorcerer casts White Fire and breaches the ship’s hulk, sinking it.

Stay cool :cool:

I started off a solo campaign with a Fight, just to get a feel for the new BWG rules. I used Astride the Beast, the insane Orc from the BWG book who wants to interrogate a human to “see if he’s real”. My script: Push, Push, Push, Push. It was a hilarious fight scene, with the PC spending the entire time flailing on the ground as the crazy Orc kicked him around, screaming about blood and shadows.

In a seafaring campaign, one of the PCs took the Eldritch Sink trait, which negates all magical effects, beneficial or harmful. She was a simple surgeon, good with a bow, but unaware of the trait.

Another PC was a mage with Chaos Ward (if I recall correctly), which creates an obstacle penalty for all actions equal to the number of successes over the casting ob.

After a good 5 or 6 sessions, the mage finally figured out that the surgeon had Eldritch Sink, so they charged into the pirate cove where there was a mountain of treasure guarded by their nemesis and a squadron of angry pirates. The mage cast Chaos Ward, netting 4 or 5 successes over the obstacle.

The pirates couldn’t even walk, stumbling around their treasure pile, drowning in 6 inches of water and generally failing at life while the surgeon made mincemeat of everyone.

We also had a Barrel Troll that campaign (he was a beast of a troll that invested in Camouflage). Since there weren’t many things to hide behind on a ship, he often just imitated a barrel.

Needing to acquire a keg of Nog to pay off a debt to the noisy and annoying Hold drunk PC, my PC decided he has to steal the only one in town, belonging to a mercenary Host troupe. To prudent to sneak into their barracks I decide to have him summon a ghost to do the dirty work. The orc style summons failed, with the consequence that I had not completed it before a guard discovered us at work. One dead guard later, we complete the circle with his blood, and sadly he is the ghost that we then summon. Some quick bargaining with him established he had wanted a heroic death, not a messy back alley murder. We convinced him we could fake a famous death for him and have the Hold establish a feast in his honour. To facilitate this we went and fetched the corpses of a few orcs we killed days before, and scattered them about his body to make it look like he caught them in the act of drawing a bloody circle. Unfortunately we were also followed by some other dead orcs that had raised from the dead through not being buried properly and we ended up having a battle in the underhold with them. Calling for the guards to aid us, they swooped down to help. In the aftermath, while they search for more orcs and help clean up, my PC sneaks into the barracks and steals the Nog.