The Codex - Man, could have REALLY used this earlier...

So, yeah, this book. Wow. All the advice for, well, everything. Awesome. About to start running another BW game in a few weeks (old setting, new characters), and, wow, so much goodness in this book. I really, really, really needed this thing, and the advice. Just the “Situation” advice, and the commentary about Resources and Circles is worth its weight in gold. so, consider this my strong praise of this wondrous text. It’s got me, pun aside, fired up to run BW! I’m looking forward to an awesome setting/character generation session coming up.

Ooo, can’t wait for mine to come in Thursday then! I’m running a criminal/political campaigns, so advice for circles and resources will be very helpful, since those were our two most used checks last session. Any check that wasn’t circles or resources were linked tests for circles/resources.

No, really, all the advice is spectacular. The Resources and Circles stuff is quite well done, and as I said, setting up “The Situation” is really helpful. I mean, it was a thing discussed before in BWG and on the forums, but this book laid it out nice and neat.