The Crypt on the Isle of Erdach

I thought to share a very rough first draft of this adventuring site on the Isle of Erdach, a location in the campaign world I’m hammering together. I hope to run this one some time soon to see how it actually plays and will edit it from there, but thought some folks might be able to make some use of it now.

You can follow this link to view/download the doc:

Just a note on the obstacles: I jotted down some suggested obs for certain things, but mostly I prefer to leave rolls up to the GM so you’ll see several points where there’s a challenge on the table but no suggested obstacle or suggested skill. At that point, the factors list is all you really need.

Also, there’s a Giant Squid in there that needs some work. Take it or leave it.

Great work! Post an update if you run through it.

The first fix for the Giant Squid should be its Nature descriptors. Swimming is fine, but the others feel a little inadequate for a “mythic” creature. Maybe: Drowning Sailors, Swimming, Blinding?

Did you factor the Conflict Dispositions wrong? Those numbers should reflect how difficult it is for the players to accomplish. As it stands, Fleeing is extremely difficult but Killing this thing is quite easy. I would maybe add a 4th Conflict type into this to help with the DisPo Spreads.

I would drop the Warning Pulse weapon and just use Jet Propulsion for Maneuver in that conflict.

The Instinct is fine as written, but I would phrase it as, “Prey on all who tread my waters.” Not a huge difference, but being a persnickety English major I had to comment.

All good stuff! I’ll get in there and retool.

And I should have asked you first. You probably already did the leg work when we were (nearly) pitted against that sea monster. Meantime:

Mythic Fried Calamari
+1s to disposition in Convince Crowd conflicts at potluck dinners.
-1D for all actions in Flee conflicts for 1d3 turns after eating.