The Dark Tower hack

I’m toying with the idea of developing a hack based on The Dark Tower. Player characters would play as Gunslingers and form a Ka-tet.

I think the Gunslinger would be a specific kind of person, like the Dunedain in the Realm Guard hack, and right now my idea for their Nature is Leadership, Killer, and Survival. There would be some new skills as well, like maybe a Falconry/Austringer skill that could replace certain Fighter tests or something. There would also be The Touch (which is DT equivalent of like ESP) and would have factors relating to whether you’re sending a thought or reading a thought, the kind of thought, whether the character is hostile or not, and its position on the Scale of Might.

Speaking of (and because of the sort of ambiguous nature of a lot of King’s villains, feel free to give me advice on the specific placements):

+5 – It (deadlights, “true” form)
+4 – Crimson King
+3 – Maerlyn, Flagg, Pennywise (to my reckoning a physical aspect of It), Demon Elementals
+2 – Sorcerer/Wizard, Dandelo, Dragon (from Eyes of the Dragon), Cyborg Beam Guardians (Shardik, etc)
+1 – Vampires, Crimson Tarantula (I don’t really know anything about them, but they sound mean), Calla Wolves
+0 – Gunslingers, Robots, Witch (like Rhea), Taheen, Not-Men
-1 – Menfolk, Can-Toi, Lobstrosities, Skin-Men, Mutie Wolves
-2 – Boom-Flurry (basically a sentient, carnivorous cactus), Slow Mutants
-3 – Billy-Bumbler, Housies

I think it actually works pretty well when you consider it in terms of who can injure or outright kill whom. For example, a normal human wouldn’t be able to kill a normal vampire. But get 10 men together, as per a War conflict, and you can see it happening. From here you can also see that Flagg would be capable of killing the Crimson King, which is something I can also imagine happening. I always figured that Flagg helped the King because Flagg is a crazy bastard and because he wanted to, not out of fear or anything like that. It’s worth mentioning that specifically like Realm Guard, artifacts and talismans can affect the relationships between the levels of the Scale of Might, including the iconic Sandalwood Guns that Roland and the other Gunslingers use, which are forged from Excalibur. The Sandalwood Guns would function similarly to the Black Axe in MG, and they would effectively raise a Gunslinger’s level by 1 when considering the goal of killing an enemy in addition to the more typical modifications that weapons apply to Fight conflicts. I believe that this is supported in the novels as Eddie and Susannah were able to kill Shardik and Dandelo respectively by using the Guns. Personally, I got the impression that this would not have been possible with a mundane weapon.

So that’s where I am so far.