The Devastator Trait (MoBu 322)

So, how should the Devastator trait work under the new rules in Gold for damaging materials? Wondering to use this trait with a greater daemon.

The Devastator Trait: MoBu 322

Destroying Materials: BWG 541-543

Basically, the trait allows extra damage when attacking materials, but the mechanics work using the Revised rules in which materials were damaged bit by bit. The new rules just use a single test to attack the materials, and the action takes an amount of time that makes sense for the task.

I’m assuming it’ll just be bonus dice for attacking materials or something. Just wondering if there’s an official call, or anybody has any opinions about it.

The simplest solution is probably just to halve the time.

And maybe throw in +3D in Advantage?

I don’t have my books with me, but the only use for advantage is to reduce the time, I believe. Under BWR rules, it doubled each scratch/breach you did, so roughly halved the time. I think just halving the time arrived at via the base rules is easiest and comes closest to the original effect.

Devastator trait indicates that:
Diminutive stature creatures count as “inadequate tools” against materials.
Middling stature creatures count as Picks and Sledges.
Massive stature creatures count as Rams.
Gigantic stature creatures count as Slung Rams.

Cool. Gonna go with that. Thanks!

Edit: According to the MoBu, the Devastator trait is limited to creatures Massive size and larger. Would you change that then to allow Devastating Diminutives, or stick with only the biggies?

Just fleshing it out in case there are edge cases (like the one that arose recently in our home campaign).

Scary Death Pixie, busting down the door? Freaky!

Thanks. ~ Dean

My first reading of that was more like “using a diminutive stature creature counts as inadequate tools”… So I was picture someone picking up another person/creature and slamming them into a barrier.

Exactly as I read if Jeremiah, and I think I’ll stick to it. :wink: