The fate points - they do nothing!

It’s been about seven sessions of play in the current campaign and I’ve built up enough fate points to always spend it when the opportunity to spend one presents itself. And every time the damned dice all betray me! I want a refund on these defective things. I think I rolled 8 fate dice last night to zero effect on any of them.

Clearly Thor’s been up to his old tricks again. Sucking away successes to fuel his own ambition… ::sucking noise::

I’ve seen Fate points save asses enough times to never underestimate them. That said, it does become easy to get enough that you will probably find yourself nearly always spending them unless you already have a solid enough success for a test.

Maybe your group should vote you up a Trait - “Ignored by the Gods”, “Cursed” or whatever appeals.

Sadly, it will probably just get you more fate points…


Yup, that happens.

Script more, that’ll sponge up some of the excess. Also remind them of the other uses for Fate (i.e. ignoring superficial wounds).

We mostly treat it as a perpetual “all your rolls are open-ended” buffer, until they get spent back down to 3-4.

You sound like Bret. He, too, is a bad player*.


clearly your dice are broken, there are two solutions to your problem:
you can either reset your dice or buy new ones.

I recommend the later, it is far more easier than sacrificing a virgin at next solstice and chanting the ancient Scandinavian texts to the gods.