The First Shuttles Are Away

Through the amazing diligence and hard work of Dro and Thor, the first batch of 28 preorders are away and running. We chose the orders at random (which only seemed fair since we couldn’t send them all out at once). So check the skies in the next few days, you could be in for a treat.

The rest will ship rapidly starting next Monday. (They’re all ready to go.)


Post Script: We also had an incredible shipping snafu which I will relate to you all when we return from Gencon.

Post Post Script: A Burning Empires book, wrapped in bubblewrap and packed in a box weights 2 lbs, 15.4 oz. Fun.

  • crosses fingers *

how much packet have you to make?

110ish right now, plus 40 more when Chris finishes the illustrated editions.


160 ! Courage !

Another Silly Question : approximately how much day its necessary so that a parcel makes USA - France ?

yes I’am French Sorry :lol:

There’s only preorders 157 orders total, my friend. And it usually takes about a week for a package to get from NYC to France.


Thks Luke … May the Force be with You (shame on me :oops: )

So, let me get this straight:

Out of 117 books without sketches pre-ordered, 28 are in the post right now.

So that’s about one quarter, right?

That’s a one-in-four chance that I’ll get mine around the middle of next week. I like those odds! The rest will be posted on Monday you say (I say that’s little ambitious, and that you guys deserve a bit of time off after Gencon, but there you go :slight_smile: )

Does that sound right?

everything else is boxed! the caucasian sherpas just have to drag them to the post office next week.

also, UK people must explain their arcane address system. are all those numbers GPS coordinates?


That’s called a postcode, basically a ZIP but more arcane.

They take the form of 2 letters, one or two numbers, then a space, then another number and then two more letters.

My postcode is SO17 2ER for example.

The first two letters are the vague area you live in. I live in Southampton, so that’s where the SO comes from. People whol live in smaller towns will have a postcode based on a nearby town, not always the nearest one though. So the arcane-ness remains.

The first number is the district you live in within that town. SO17 is the nice part of Southampton just north of the centre. SO14 is the city centre. SO23 is Winchester, about 8 miles north.

The last bit is totally arcane. I just means whatever some bloke at the postoffice thought was right for your address when the postcodes were set up back in the 70s. The actual postcode will be the same for several addresses. Usually groups of 4 houses or so on the same street. The building where I live has 12 flats, and they all have the same postcode.

This is all pretty arcane, and currently irrelevent since there’s nothing coming into the UK for the next few days…

I just wanted to say/brag that last night I met up with the BW crew (Luke, Droz, and Thor) and Chris Moeller and his brother Kevin for a quick, little four hour senerio of BE over at the Embassy Suites last night. It totally ROCKED and I got a good look at the new book. All I have to say is very nice! and the PDF does not give the book justice.

I’m still try to recover from my two and a half hours of sleep while I’m at work so I’ll try to post some more about it later. :smiley:

Wooo, I’m a happy camper today!


Because sitting at home, waiting for me to finish up with work, is a shiny new copy of BE, that’s why!

Ha! These posts are like when the children start finding the golden tickets in Willy Wonka!

Some nerd over at NerdNYC just received #80!

also someone in scandinavia is going to receive a traumatic wound with their package.

drozdal has pictures.

He’s doomed! There’s no Check for Traps skill in BE!

so… did the rest of the brick make it into the “system”? I am back from Asia and very excited. and now that I am not moving (for a while) I can get my local group to play.

Next batch went out. Another 18 dispatched by yours truly. Next batch might be a bit slower going out as we’ve got to fight with the PO/packaging a bit more.


This is all very exciting, but I missed the… er… shuttle, and didn’t get a preorder in. I’d like to order BE one day, if that’s still possible.

The BE site doesn’t seem to mention regular orders. The “Retailers” link takes me to Indie Press Revolution, where I can apparently buy Burning Wheel, but not BE. I thought BW was sold through Key20… or is both?

BE will go on-sale once all the pre-orders are taken care of (probably early September).


All of the domestic orders have been shipped out. If you’re in the states, you should have yours by Monday at the latest.

International orders have be significantly delayed. I’d tell you about it, but I don’t think you really want to see me break down and cry.

Don’t worry, though. Nothing has been lost and I’m working on getting them out.