The first Vaylen is publicly exposed...what do you do?!

The first Vaylen is publicly exposed…what do you do?!

I’m starting this thread not for the purpose of getting advice, but because this has got to be one of the most “oh shit” moments of the game - when the first Vaylen gets exposed publicly. It’s a very dangerous moment for both sides. So exciting!

In my current game, this just happened. The Cotar Fomas (my Vaylen GMFoN) is sleeping with one of his lower-ranked commanders, who is a human FoN. She figured out that the Archcotare (NPC) had been hulled. The Cotar Fomas failed to throw her off the scent, and she convinced the Inquisition to investigate the Archcotare…resulting in a Sequel with the Archcotare’s head being carried into the heretic’s temple, half a worm dangling out. Shit just got real!

What’s been “that moment” in your games? What did you do right after (either on the human side or the Vaylen side)? Go ahead - geek out about your game! :slight_smile:

In my games this is almost always lead to military action, assassination or sabotage.
An assassination in a men’s room. A raid on a rebel base. An assault on the corporate boardroom.

Now that I think of it, two of those three actions were initiated by me after I was discovered! Trying to eliminate those pesky agitators.

What is the planets attitude towards them?

Luke - those sound awesome - especially the men’s room assassination.

Praion - the planet’s attitude is Indifference, which is useful.

I haven’t decided what direction to move in yet. I badly flubbed most of my rolls last maneuver, removing my nice cushion of dispo and putting me in an awkward place fictionally. Definitely feeling the heat. I was kind of hoping there’d be a little more time in-game to develop the relationship between the Cotar Fomas and his suspicious lady (if only to make the inevitable reveal more dramatic) - but my dice have been fucking awful, so relationship repair is pretty iffy. We’ll see! I have several options at this point and I’m very glad to have a bit more time to weigh them before the next session.

The Duke’s GF was revealed over breakfast, resulting in a Bloody Versus into bullet time and montage time as she escaped (Bullet time as over 20 dice hit the table, and montage time once we figured out she won…)

And half the ducal house troops dead or dying.

And the Duke in mental shock (0s on his steel - and he wasn’t even a FoN…)