The Font Arcane - Art Magic Amended (also including it's own Blood Magic system)

Tis here:

In concept, The Font Arcane was simply an attempt to seed Art Magic with tones and themes of Dragon Age’s Magic System. Or rather, (or at least, my ideas of the tones and themes as presented in the Fiction rather than the mechanics of Dragon Age.)

I then tried to merge it with my ideas on how to replace the Schools of Magic system/generally rebalance Art Magic. The rebalancing then took center stage. But hey, there’s a Blood Magic system I don’t hate now.

Given the nature of all this, I wouldn’t call this “finished.” The Tax Stat and Obs is something I can go back and forth on. I’m also considering limiting Advantage by thing effected rather than die number, exact bloodiness of Blood Magic Etc.

(I’m also meaning to replace the Character Traits implanting of Art Magic Traits with a straight up to-greater-or-lesser-extent Mind Control, probably called “Nudging.” Because either Character Traits don’t do anything, or they’re some form of mind control anyway.)

Critique/Comment welcome.

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Doubling the effect ob but not the modifiers is quite clever.

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Thanks! Conceptually I thought it was quite similar to how Beginner’s Luck effects obstacle.

There is of course, now I think on it, the flipside way of doing it. Give a flat (let’s just say +1) Ob modifier for the Effect, and then double the Ob increases from breadth and duration modifiers.

I think that actually gives a more “elegant” self-directed progression for Forming: When you’re learning the Effect, you have to stick to the shorter, narrower expressions until you’ve Formed the Effect.

Hmm. I will consider.

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