the forgeborn warrior

I like the idea of a living construct like the Tin Man. Forged for war and once property but now free and struggling to find their identity.

Forgeborn. Born from forge and alchemy, bred for combat, but now free and trying to find a place in the world. Forgeborn have no status and if they ever wander from the army they serve or their birthforge home, they become adventuring sellswords by default. No community wants a forgeborn that isn’t serving his army or his people as a soldier so those forgeborn who leave or suffer the loss of army or birthforge have to find their own path in the world.

Forgeborn Warrior
Class Warrior
Raw Abilities Will 2, Health 6
Skills Fighter 4, Armorer 3, Alchemist 2,
Commander 2, Scavenger 2, Scout 2
Trait Living Construct
Weapons Any
Armor Any

Forgeborn Birthforge
The forgeborn were once the property of those who forged them. Since winning their freedom, the forgeborn took over their birthforges and constructed strong defenses and a community around the alchemical forge that gives their stock life.
Skills: Alchemist, Armorer, Mentor
Traits: Defender, Early Riser

Dirty Fighting-wise or War-wise and one other wise
Nature: Forgeborn. Descriptors: Fighting, Forging, and Obeying Orders.

Forgeborn Nature Questions

When adversity comes calling, are you quick to resort to violence to protect yourself and those around you? Or are you more cautious and careful in your reactions?
–If you quickly reach for violence, increase your Nature by one.
–If you are more prudent you may replace or increase your home trait with Calm or Thoughtful.

Do you dream of hammers ringing on newly forged swords or do your thoughts wander to unexplored places and seeing sights no other forgeborn has seen?
–If you want only to forge, increase your Nature by one and decrease your starting Scout skill by one.
–If you yearn to explore new places, do not change your Nature or Scout skill.

When given orders by those in authority over you do you instantly obey or do you weigh the consequences before acting?
–If you follow orders from a lawful authority figure, increase your Nature by one.
–If you think before acting on an order, you may replace or increase your home trait with Quick-Witted or Skeptical.