The Four Days of Torchbearer Jul: Part I

We’ve got a holiday surprise for you! You can find Level benefits for levels 1-10 for both the Dwarven Adventurer and Human Cleric here. We’ll have more tomorrow!

Awesome! Thanks guys!
New toys! (but not sure about that whole heroic thing like grey shade dice at lvl10)


Stay excited :eek:

Great stuff. I like the heroic option at lvl 10 for the cleric.

Yayyy! more torchbearer content! Does providing the details for the higher levels bode unwell for an ‘expert’ edition however?


crosses fingers for the Travel A Long Distance chapter

Our Dwarf will be excited to see War Captain I think. :slight_smile:

Not at all. But rather than keep you waiting until the entire book is finished, we decided to release this material to you in beta form and invite you to playtest.

Jmh, Dwarven Adventurers get Heroic one level before Clerics. Would a Magician get Heroic Talent at level 10 too? Elves?

Great, not I have to get two players ASAP.

Stay cool :cool:

Oh, sure, give us a level 10 cleric but no 3rd & 4th circle spells. :stuck_out_tongue:

The cleric doesn’t get a 3rd Circle prayer until 7th level. There’s plenty of time.

Thanks. This is great!

We’re working on C3 spells now. They’re very tasty!