The Four Days of Torchbearer Jul: Part II

Day 2 brings you the Elven Ranger and the Human Thief!

Thank you! Downloaded and taking a look at them now.

Would there be horse or elven steed stats? Should I make some? Should I treat the Elven Steed just as a a level benefit, and not as a monster?

Now I wanna play a Thief!

Stay cool :cool:

The stats are given in the level benefit.

Yes, Nature 7, but only one Nature Descriptor and no weapons (or might, but I guess its 3).

What I’m asking is if is appropriate to write full stats for an Elven Steed (that lower level characters might try to tame, or would attack some elf-hating adventurers, or maybe that gets separated from his owner PC) or if is better to leave it as ““only”” a level benefit.

Can’t wait to tomorrow :smiley:

Stay cool :cool:

Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be a horse supplement complete with rules for breeding new lines…

A level 10 elf with grief and a cleric helping out is Might 6…!

Glory be! My fellow companions, Might 8 is now achievable.

As we’d say back home: Y’all done gone and did it.

Tell me how you’ll hit Might 8. Tell me, tell me!

I’ve taken another close look at the rules, and I believe I was being short-sighted. It seems the lords of battle will only bestow greater might upon a cleric who asks it from them, not their companions.

Though I think I’m right that I see a quest of great hardship for Might 7, best saved for the bold (and for an elf only, through grief, a spell, and a potion).

Of course there has always been befriending and riding the lord of steeds in the form of a courser into battle.