The gap between Light and Midi

Does it feel like there’s a big gap between Light and Midi wounds? Unless hours count (e.g. you’re in a dungeon) you can basically ignore Light wounds completely. Midi wounds, on the other hand, require medical assistance and two Ob 3 tests.

I think we’re experiencing this because we’re playing at a fairly good clip of gameworld time to real time, so light wounds are basically negligible, whereas one player has been suffering from a failed midi recovery for most of the campaign!

It’s the difference between bruises and mild sprains on the one hand and torn ligaments and broken bones on the other.

Light wounds matter in the moment.

Midi wounds, with proper treatment and recovery, turn into long-lasting light wounds.

Yeah, Superficial and Light wounds are really there for the back-and-forth nature of a protracted fight. Midi and Severe wounds are game-changers. Traumatic and Mortal are showstoppers.