The Heroes of the Lance (DL1> Dragons of Despair)

I’ve always kinda wanted to run the main Dragonlance series of adventures. I am not 100% certain that I can get the group together - but I gotta do the work to make it happen if I’m going to be able to pitch it.

My goal would be to run it straight up, use the characters and try to do the full adventure. But I also want to approach the War of the Lance with full Burning Wheel style, let’s make this a player driven adventure, ignore the order of the modules if we have to - and use what we need to let the war happen.

My history with Krynn is that I’ve read a bunch (20? 30?) of books in middle and high school, and read a couple again in adulthood, and want to experience as a game and not as books, because I hear a lot of people loving it. But I have very modern sensibilities when it comes to what I like in games, so I don’t want to just bust out Dungeon Crawl Classics or whatnot.

So I’m thinking about the PCs which is where I’m asking for help. I keep building them in my head but I don’t want to set them in stone before asking if there’s prior art or opinions with similar experience, so I’m sketching loosely. (I am thinking 2 beliefs with 1 for the PCs to set as they do session 0)

Tanis: 5th level fighter

Lifepaths: Born Noble and might end up in Strider.
Initial Beliefs:
Something about being an outsider,probably two worlds
Something about seeing Kitara again
Tanis needs Feyblood to work I think

Sturm: 6th level fighter

I struggle a lot with Sturm since I didn’t care about the Knights as a kid so I didn’t read their books. I keep waffling on just leaving him out as a PC option since he often feels like he exists only to fill out the roster to six.
Lifepaths: Born Noble → Bastard → Page → Squire
Probably a main belief about how he will demonstrate honour despite his failings
A belief about restoring the knights
A PC belief
The fact that Belief 1 and 2 feel so strongly similar is why I’m worried about Sturm

Raistlin: 3rd level wizard

Lifepaths: either Village Born or Gifted Child → Apt Pupil or Wizard’s Apprentice → Student? → Sorcerer
Something about wanting to protect and escape Caramon
Something about his eyes and his need to prove himself

Caramon: 6th level fighter

Lifepaths: Some very typical Village Born → Guard → Labourer → Soldier (not sure which)
Something about wanting to protect and escape Raistlin
Something about wanting to see the world
Caramon and Raistlin are so co-depdendent their beliefs tangle up together so much, I’d probably run with one of them as a PC and the other an NPC (possibly controlled by the same player) so they don’t both feel like half a PC.

Tasslehoff and Flint Fireforge:

I’m a little at a loss with these two, they both are important but feel like filler. D&D needs a thief, and they also need another PC option. I would probably cut them since they are both kinda central socially they don’t have strong ties I want to turn to beliefs.

Goldmoon and Riverwind:

This is another with a co-dependent NPC. Of course, I’d probably suggest making the option to have either be a PC and either be an NPC (with the NPC having fewer LPs), so:
Goldmoon: 5th level cleric
Lifepaths: Born Noble → Young Lady → Religious Acolyte
Riverwind: 5th level ranger
Lifepaths: Born Peasant → Scout → Archer → Strider
Beliefs (likely similar for Goldmoon and Riverwind):
Something about love and proving the gods will exist to ensure it
Something about healing the land/people

So uh - yeah - is there prior art here? anyone want to tell me I have a Hero of the Lance wrong?