the irony of Psychology

So you’ve got these aliens who are slowly, world by world, overcoming humanity. And the true terror is that they do not seek to destroy us, but to transform us, to control us. For behind the eyes of the enemy, the human host sees everything the worm does in his name, completely and forever having lost control.

Then you’ve got Psychology: the one talent that we’ve got on our side, the one thing the worms can never possess. Maybe it will make a difference in our defense, or maybe in the end it won’t; but at least it’s a weapon we can fight back with, one they can never take from us.

And yet. What does this weapon do, when used to its full extent? What has the master Psychologist become, exerting his will left and right, transforming beliefs, engaging in mind control like the very worm itself?

  • Mike

P.S. Thanks Chris & Luke, for putting stuff like this into the game & comics. It’s this kind of mirror, reflecting the Vaylen in ourselves and all that jazz, that make them so much more than just Pod People (to quote a recent review).