The Known Lands - a complete MG setting

So, I’m about to GM my first game. I’ve been playing in the standard setting for a while now and because the same group of friends (more or less) want to play, we decided we wanted to change the setting up.

After reading some other forums and thinking about what we wanted to do, I created a setting that fuses some Old West motifs and Feudalism mixed with some Seafaring elements. The best part to me is more sea creatures (a squid would actually be a Kraken!) and more advanced weapons, while still maintaining the feel of being small in a big world.

I’ve done all kinds of new additions in the setting, including over 20 new animals, new wilderness settings (desert, steppe, jungles, mountains), an extensive list of developed areas including a massive metropolis, and some new conflict ideas (such as a watery chase, wrangling, and gambling).

We haven’t started playing yet, but I’d like to hear any thoughts about some of the crazy ideas I had. You can find the setting in the following link:

really nice :D, one small criticism you need to get someone to update that map though, the whole thing looks gorgeous, and ends on a useful, but sketchy picture

that aside I like it :smiley: make sure you stick some sessions up so we can read through see how it goes

That looks great! Agreed about the map, if you’re looking for ways to improve it, look up the Cartographer’s Guild for help and tips. And few suggestions after a quick look through. I think you should write up some more things about spiders that are possibly dangerous to mice. Lastly, you should add in something about army ants for jungles. They are a fairly unique feature in jungles and I think they would add in some interesting twists. Other than that, I’m looking forward to giving it a read through.

-edit-Realized you had no mention of you or your mates who put it together. I think it should be in there.

Well, I’ve updated the map. It ain’t perfect, but she’ll do. Same link as the OP.

Looks great!

Out of random curiosity, have you thought of names for the different islands?

Not really. Just for the sake of not cluttering up the map, I opted to just leave it similar to the Territories by just naming cities. The major difference, I feel, is naming some of the features. The exception to this is The Barren Wastes, which because it is so unexplored by mice, would have a more regional name, I think.

Also, when looking at the map, this is at high tide, so this is when the land is at its lowest. Some of the smaller islands will actually connect together, especially around Coralbridge and The Hammer, so mice can actually walk across rather than ride a boat. So, something that appears as an island on the map, might not always be an island during different times of day and different times of the season.

Looks fantastic, RedAbode! Very nicely done.